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NLP- The New Technology of Achievement

Join us and learn the Difference that makes the Difference between Average Performance and Genius level Performance



 James Tolulope Duggan is the course director of Mind Culture. He is a behavioural engineer and change facilitator, certified NLP coach & International Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ITA Certified). Tolu is very well versed in classic NLP as well as New Code NLP and has been certified for almost two decades.  Tolu is a sports fan, and has a black belt in Taekwondo. Anyone that meets Tolu quickly finds out that he is an enthusiast for plant base medicine and it's benefits for optimal performance on both the mental and physical levels.
Tolu received his NLP training directly from Dr. John Grinder ( co-creators of NLP and NewCode NLP), Carmen Bostic ( co-creator of NewCode NLP) and Michael Carroll ( co-developer of NewCode NLP) 

For over two decades Tolu has been intensely fascinated by Geniuses, Leaders and extreme high performers. In his pursuit of discovery, he soon found an array of people and communities also fascinated with genius & high performers from varying fields of activity. A lot of them simply seemed intrigued but some wanted to know how? How do they what they do? what’s the difference between Genius and the Average person?

These Questions guided his journey inevitably towards Neuro-Linguistic-programming (NLP) a field dedicated to the identifying, assimilating  and replication of these genius/high performing behaviours. Tolu then spent almost two decades demystifying the techniques methods and strategies that made the difference between the  average performance and extraordinary performance in Individuals, Groups, Companies and Industries.


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