What is NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming)?


What is NLP ?

March 3, 2018

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic-Programming


 Represents our Nervous system and millions of bits of data that are filtered. This creates our first mental map called “First Access”. First access is made of internal images, sounds, tastes and smells, 


Represents the interfacing between people the versatile effect of language plays in this dynamic


Refers to the accumulation of consistent behaviours developed though our natural filtering process for navigating the world.

NLP is a modelling technology, a methodology for identifying and assimilating behaviours considered extraordinary/genius/excellent and then analysing and developing in detail for others to reproduce with similar or better results. 

In other words, “NLP seeks to find the difference that makes the difference between the extraordinary performance and the ordinary performance of people in the same field of activity. This is done with the  distinct intention of replicating the extraordinary performance -  

NLP enhances our ability to chooses our responses/states in any situation and is commonly used in business, sports, effective communication, negotiation,  marketing and more….

NLP Beginnings

NLP started it life in the early 1970’s in Santa Cruz in California. When John Grinder and Richard Bandler embarked on a collaboration born of a shared curiosity about human behaviour and language. This collaboration involved the assimilation, replication and explication of behaviours considered excellent now known as NLP modelling. 

They started by modelling three people who were achieving exemplary results in the field of therapy.

The three Geniuses were, Frits Perls, Virginia Satir and Milton Erickson. Grinder and Bandler then proceeded to unconsciously assimilate these “excellent” behaviours,  and with no prior knowledge of the  field  of study of these geniuses, they were able to reproduce similar results, at times even better results. They proceeded to then deconstruct  the components of these behaviours into such detail that anyone following the exact same step of the model could produce the same results or better ( with no prior knowledge of the field. At this point the field Neuro-Linguistic-programming was born.

NLP Modeling

 This is the core activity of NLP and is defined as the explicit coding of the difference that make the difference between Genius or Excellent performance and average performance in the same field of activity for the purpose of replicating the genius or excellent performance.

 In simpler terms, NLP modelling is  (1)noticing when someone does something really well, (2)copying the behaviour and (3) coding the behaviour so that others can do it too. 

In other words, modelling can be referred to as the copy and paste of human excellence.  

NLP Application

This is an essential distinction emphasised by John Grinder (in whispering in the wind) with the  intention of preserving the core activity of NLP i.e NLP Modelling.  When an NLP modeller successful models a pattern of excellence in another person, he has then acquired a code for relocating this pattern. the utilisation and presentation of this pattern is what is referred to as NLP application. 

this will include things like

  • Sales

  • Marketing 

  • Leadership 

  • Training 

  • Education

  • Therapy

  • Coaching

NLP Training-

After the first publications of the results of their modelling projects, with a lot of interest coming from various sources, the early developers of NLP started to present their work and the field of NLP training soon followed suit.

People then, and today come from a varying backgrounds to study NLP, because the technology of NLP can be applied vast array of fields, like communication, business, coaching (in its many forms), education, sale etc.

NLP trainings now come in all shapes and sizes, some more authentic than others while some simply just aren’t considered real NLP. 

At Mind-Culture we are proud to continue the linage of John Grinder as certified ITA (International Trainers Academy) founded by John Grinder, Carmen Bostic and Michael Carroll.

NLP Training Include:

The training of NLP patterning

NLP Practitioner

NLP Advanced Tools

NLP Master Practitioner

NLP Trainers Certification


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